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Access your e-mail account from anywhere

BelizeMail is Belize's first web-based e-mail provider, which means you can send and receive messages from any computer connected to the Internet. You can use BelizeMail from home, work, school, an Internet cafe, a friend's house or any other computer in the world with an Internet connection. Your messages are stored in a central location, so your Inbox will always be up to date. This is great for people who use more than one computer, travel frequently, or don't even own a computer.

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Get a permanent e-mail address

When you create a BelizeMail account, you choose a permanent e-mail address that will never change as long as you continue to use BelizeMail. This is great for people who:

  • Want to switch Internet Service Providers. Your BelizeMail address will be the same no matter how you access the Internet, so you don't have to worry about retrieving messages from your old address or notifying friends, family and associates of a new e-mail address. You are free to select any Internet Service Provider that suits your needs.
  • Are thinking about changing jobs. If you switch jobs, you lose access to the e-mail account provided by your employer. BelizeMail offers a way to communicate with important contacts.
  • Leave School. When you leave school for the summer, travel abroad or graduate, you may no longer have access to your school e-mail account. With BelizeMail, your friends will always know where to reach you.

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Your e-mail is private and secure

When you sign up for BelizeMail, you choose your personal ID and password. The only way you can access your account is by using the password you select. This means that only you will have access to your BelizeMail account, even if you use a computer at a public terminal or a friend's house.

Because the messages in your BelizeMail account are stored securely at a central location, you don't have to worry about losing important information if something happens to your computer.

BelizeMail is strongly committed to keeping your personal information confidential.

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BelizeMail is fast and easy to use

It takes less than a minute to get started on BelizeMail, and we have worked to make our pages load quickly since we know your time is valuable.

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Keep your personal e-mail separate from your work e-mail

People who use e-mail from work will find it convenient to keep their personal messages separate from their work messages. You can use BelizeMail for your personal correspondence and your company's e-mail system only for business messages. Additionally, you don't have to store personal e-mail on your company's servers. All messages in your BelizeMail account are securely stored in a central location that you access via the Internet with the password you select.

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